SRTF Agriculture Projects Reap a Bountiful Potato Harvest in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Tuesday, 29 August 2023 – The SRTF announced the harvest of 38,017 MT of potatoes under three Agriculture projects, today.


A total of 1,123 hectares (HA) of land were planted by 2,116 farmers in different locations across Northern Aleppo, resulting in an impressive average yield of around 43 MT/HA.


This was made possible by the agricultural inputs, equipment and agrochemicals as well as a specially built storage facility provided under the four SRTF-funded projects, to ensure the potatoes produced are of high quality.


This was also possible due to the training sessions which were delivered to farmers on Climate Smart Agriculture, enabling them to enhance their skills and capacity, thereby, resulting in better quality and increased produce as well as ensuring they become self-sustainable. The availability of more potatoes in local markets has allowed increased returns for farmers, given the high demand for such a staple food item.


Khalil, a farmer beneficiary, told the SRTF: “They provided us with potato tubers, fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides, and sacks for packing potatoes. In addition, they provided equipment and machinery that were not available in the region to help us prepare and cultivate the land. It was a great contribution and initiative that helped us farmers given the harsh conditions as a result of the very difficult economic situation and high prices. We benefited greatly from the SRTF’s support.”


The SRTF’s Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, expressed his pride saying: " We are immensely pleased of the remarkable success achieved by the local farmers in Northern Aleppo. Khalil's testimony truly encapsulates the impact we aimed for - a community uplifted by tangible support, especially during challenging economic circumstances. We remain committed to advancing agricultural practices that enhance peoples’ livelihoods and look forward to further contributing to the progress made in the targeted areas."


The four agriculture projects will directly benefit around 5,116 farmers and their family members, as well as over 88,000 beneficiaries indirectly.


For more information about these projects, please see:

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