The Management Unit

The Management Unit (MU) is entrusted with primary responsibility for day-to-day management and operation of the Fund. The MU operates under the overall direction of the Director General, assisted by the Chief Operations Officer.



Duties of the Management Unit:

  • Developing well-defined operational guidelines, strategies, and procedures to conduct and monitor the Syria Recovery Trust Fund process and operations.
  • Applying eligibility criteria and operational guidelines for proposal development.
  • Vetting proposals to ensure that the Implementing Entities and projects do not involve ineligible entities, people, or substances.
  • Assessing project proposals, requests for projects, and assist to develop them into programmatic realities.
  • Overseeing procurement of supplies, works and services by the Implementing Entities (IEs) and – when necessary – provide assistance to the IE in conducting procurement.
  • Obtaining MC approval on project proposals.
  • Submitting disbursement requests according to respective Financing Agreement or Supply and Services Contract.
  • Monitoring implementation of approved projects and reassess implementation, if status on the ground changes.
  • Providing financial and operational updates to the MC and other stakeholders.
  • Financial management according to recognized international standards.

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