Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase VII

Building on the success of its previous phases, the Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) has launched Phase VII of its Agriculture intervention, Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate”.


Through this intervention, the SRTF aims to improve living conditions and food security by boosting the production of wheat, barley, and vegetables, as well as enhance the livelihoods of farmers in three farmers’ cooperatives through the provision of agricultural inputs, agricultural machinery and equipment in combination with training sessions to farmers on Climate Smart Agriculture. Such integrated support is instrumental in increasing farmers’ agricultural capacity and improving their livelihoods, as well as enhancing food security across the region.


This intervention is expected to:

  • Improve and expand wheat production.
  • Increase cooperatives’ capacity to provide mechanisation services to members.
  • Enhance the overall income resulting from farming in targeted communities.
  • Promote drought resilience through the introduction and use of modern irrigation methods.


This will be done by implementing the following:

  • Providing 685 farmers with sprinkler irrigation kits and delivering training sessions on Climate Smart Agriculture, focusing on water-saving techniques and the best practices in using and maintaining sprinkler systems.
  • Providing cooperatives with modern agricultural equipment to improve farming practices in the wheat production process.
  • Providing farmers with clean and treated wheat varieties which are approved by relevant authorities, to farmers.
  • Providing farmers with commercial-grade fertilisers and agrochemicals necessary to ensure optimum growth and high yield.


This is expected to result in the following:

  • Cultivating around 1,632 hectares (HA) of wheat, mainly hard wheat varieties.
  • Providing support to 685 farmers who are members of the selected cooperatives, including inputs such as wheat seeds, fertilisers, agrochemicals, and personal protective equipment, as well as access to farming mechanisation.
  • Improving the living conditions of community members in the targeted areas.
  • Contributing to enhanced food security within the targeted communities and Northeast Syria at large by increasing wheat production.
  • Restoring wheat cultivation and reducing its cost.
  • Increasing the wheat yield and quality to produce increased amounts of flour.
  • Reducing the economic burden on farmers.
  • Raising community members’ and farmers’ awareness of climate change challenges and improving the ability to combat drought by efficiently utilising the available water resources.


With a budget of EUR 2.64 million, this intervention is expected to directly benefit 685 farmers in the targeted areas, throughout a period of eight months. Members of surrounding communities will also benefit from increased food security and the revitalisation of the local economy.



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