The Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) is responsible for directing, monitoring, evaluating, assessing SRTF operations and procurement process, as well as approving proposed projects. It consists of original donor representatives, Republic of Turkey’s representative and the National Coalition as permanent members as well as the Management Unit (MU) as observer. In addition, there are two additional members rotated between the acceding donors. The MC is chaired by the Trustee, KfW. The MC meets on a quarterly basis.


Current Management Committee Members:

  •     MC Chairman (KfW)
  •     The Syrian National Coalition
  •     The Federal Republic of Germany
  •     The United Arab Emirates
  •     The United States of America
  •     The French Republic
  •     Japan
  •     The State of Kuwait
  •     Denmark
  •     The Republic of Turkey
  •     The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  •     The Management Unit (Ex-Officio Member)

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