Supplier Registration Application

Kindly fill in the following supplier registration application (below), as this is a per-requisite step for SRTF‘s procurement section to include your company in the suppliers database:


* Company Name:
* Address:
* Postal Code:
* City:
* Country:
* Legal Registration:
* Year of Establishment:
* Registration in Other Counties:
* Please Provide Details:
* Contact Person:
* Email Address:
* Phone Number:
* Website:
* Number of Employees:
* Annual Turnover:
* Type of Business:
* Business Sector:
* Previous Experience:
Company Registration File:
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Company Profile:
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After entering all data, please submit the form by pressing the "SEND" button.

Important: Your entered data is then available for the respective SRTF section who will check your portfolio. If they are interested in your profile, they will get in touch with you directly by using the contact address you have entered.

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