Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Crops in Northern Aleppo - Phase I

The project targets an area in Northern Aleppo populated with around 54,500, of whom about 42,000 are indigenous inhabitants; most of which work in agriculture mainly in the cultivation of potatoes and garlic.


As of today, there are around 3,000 potato growers in the targeted area and its surroundings, employing around 15,000 persons. Most farmers are small land holders, whilst there are approximately 1,000 farmers with an average land ownership of 5 hectares or more each.


However, the agricultural production in the area is characterized by absence of the basic value chain needs. There is lack of support infrastructure such as cooling, transportation and marketing. Furthermore, dramatic decrease in production occurred due to the impact of the conflict, the increase in production costs, and the loss of export market. The whole value chain of production is distorted due to lack of agricultural support services and availability of inputs for the sector.


The project aims, through the below activities, to contribute to improved livelihoods of 3,000 potato growers who will have access to improved cold storage services for their agricultural perishable products; around 15,000 agricultural workers and around 500 persons who will indirectly benefit from the trading activities at the cold storage facility:


Project Activities:

  • Civil Works needed to rehabilitate current building containing 10 cold rooms at a capacity of 360 m³ each; 2 rooms for admin staff; and a storage area of 316 m² for maintenance equipment. The rehabilitation work includes: block walls of main building – plastering – painting – concrete for floors – tiling – insulation- humidity proofing – electro-mechanical works – water and sanitary works, receiving concrete platform for loading-unloading produce; estimated cost for the civil works Euro is 200,000.
  • General electro-mechanical works and cooling system for bulk storage of products, and standby generating plant; estimated cost Euro 500,000.
  • Supply of storage and handling equipment (forklifts, conveyors, plastic pallets, etc.)
  • Provision of project management support:
  • Task force account for the project management team
  • Provisions of office support equipment, accessories, and supplies
  • Travel and DSAs for staff inside and outside Syria
  • training workshops

The project cost EURO 1 million and has an expected duration of 18 months which include: 12 months of project implementation and 6 months of post-implementation M&E. It will directly benefit a total of 3,000 potato growers and indirectly, a of population 54,500 people living in targeted area. 


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