General Eligibility Criteria

In order for a project to be eligible, it:

  • should promote and reflect the objective of the SRTF;
  • will have a significant impact on improving the living conditions of the Syrian people;
  • will address the rehabilitation or extension of public services and infrastructure;
  • must respect the principle of “do no harm” or must minimize or avoid the harm that could predictably result from the project;
  • shall not discriminate on the basis of religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, ethnicity, or any basis prohibited by law;
  • shall be financially, technically, logistically and administratively feasible and achievable;
  • shall have strong prospects for successful completion; and,
  • shall be sustainable beyond the duration of SRTF support.


The established criteria may be amended or modified based on experience, and this will be subsequently reflected in evolving guidelines and procedures.

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