SRTF Mission and Core Objective

Our mission and core objective is to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people affected by the ongoing conflict through recovery and rehabilitation efforts undertaken in partnership with the Interim Government of the SOC, local councils, local community organizations, and service providers. While the conflict continues, the SRTF assists Syrian communities in opposition-controlled territories by funding recovery initiatives for provision of essential services. Whenever possible, the SRTF works with local service providers to simultaneously restore the respective essential service and strengthen the capability of the service provider to ensure sustainability of the restored services. Initial projects focus on the restoration of basic services in provision of electricity, water and sanitation, health, education, food security, and solid waste removal. While the preceding sectors are the priorities for SRTF support, additional projects in other sectors including agriculture, transportation, and housing can be considered.

When the conflict comes to an end and the security conditions permit, the SRTF will support the reconstruction of Syria’s infrastructure in full cooperation with traditional multilateral donors like the United Nations and World Bank.

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