The Ombudsperson

Your complaint will be considered by the Ombudsperson of the SRTF. The Ombudsperson is appointed by the Steering Board of the SRTF and is operating independently of the SRTF management Unit (MU).

A complaint may be submitted by any entity (such as a local council or a non-governmental organization) or any individual or a group with which (MU) has signed a financing agreement to implement a project, or which has submitted to the (MU) a proposal for any such project. A complaint may also be submitted by any individual or a group of individuals who are actual or potential beneficiaries of any such project.

The submitted complaint should contain the following info:


  • Full names of complainant.
  • Address of complainant (or his authorized representative, if any).
  • The SRTF’s project or operation relating to the complaint.
  • The issues for the resolution of which the complaint is submitted.
  • Any available document or other information in support of the complaint.


The office of the Ombudsperson will correspond with you and will inform you if your complaint is admitted. Admission of a complaint will be determined according to the rules and procedures approved by the Steering Board of the SRTF. Upon admission of your complaint, the Ombudsperson will advise you of any information that is needed on your part for further examination of your complaint. You will be kept currently informed of progress in examining your complaint and of any decision relating thereto.


It should be noted that only complaints submitted through the Ombudsperson page on the SRTF website will be registered and considered by the Ombudsperson.


To fill a complaint please click here

Or reach the ombudsperson on this hotline:+1 438 465 4466


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