Agriculture Support to Farmers – Phase IV

The SRTF has been working relentlessly to revive the agricultural sector in Al-Raqqa Governorate to restore it to pre-conflict activity levels -after years of skirmish. To that end, the SRTF intervened through the implementation of three phases of project: "Agricultural Support to Farmers in Al-Raqqa Governorate” which was implemented with significant impact on agricultural production levels and on people’s livelihoods. And to build on the success of first three interventions, a fourth phase was passed to continue the work, improve livelihood and secure sustainable food security in the targeted areas.

Phase IV of Agricultural Support to Farmers in Al-Raqqa Governorate, will continue the work that had started in July 2018 this time delivering integrated agricultural and technical support packages to registered farmers in nine agricultural cooperatives to enhance their capabilities. The project includes supporting farmers with agricultural inputs such as: 1450 tons of wheat seed, 1450 tons of fertilizers, and an adequate amount of herbicides / pesticides, and polyethylene bags (PE), covers High-density polypropylene (HDPE), as well as, hessian sacks. Agricultural cooperatives will also be provided with agricultural equipment, including: 27 agricultural tractors, nine combine harvester, and necessary agricultural implements such as plows, seeders, excavators, fertilizer and pesticide sprinklers in addition to spare parts. Furthermore, technical support will also be provided to the cooperatives’ departments to enhance agricultural capacity, crop production and repair damaged irrigation canals in the targeted areas.

The SRTF will work closely with existing cooperatives to deliver and distribute the agricultural tools, inputs and equipment to farmers in the targeted areas. Part of the equipment (tractors, combine harvesters and agricultural equipment) will remain with the cooperatives and will be used in supporting future agricultural and harvest efforts.

With an estimated budget of EUR 8.37 million, more than 2,100 local farmers, their families and associated workers are expected to benefit from this intervention. It will also support cultivating around 5,800 hectares of land which will positively impact surrounding areas boosting the local economy and achieving sustainable food security in the targeted areas.


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