Rehabilitation of Two Water Pumping Stations in Deir Ez-Zor

Water pumping stations are critical to the local communities and to the local farmers. It has been 10 years since the start of the conflict and many farmers and communities still do not have safe and reliable access to water for irrigation. In an effort to rectify this issue, the SRTF approved a WASH and Agriculture intervention, “Rehabilitation of Two Water Pumping Stations in Deir Ez-Zor”.


This intervention aims to ensure that two agricultural pumping stations are providing an adequate flow of water to serviced canals and fields, and to ensure a sustainable water supply to high elevations, supplying the irrigation channels and storage facilities, and providing adequate pressures and flow rates during daily use and in emergency situations. These stations are the first step in transferring water from the Euphrates River into the local irrigation systems.


To achieve these objectives, the SRTF plans to:

  • Perform a variety of technical maintenance and repair activities to pump stations and equipment.
  • Rehabilitate all pumping house buildings including interior and exterior, concrete bases, and fence walls.
  • Install new electronic control systems for water pumping motors, diesel power generators, transformers, electrical feeding cables, and generator electrical panels.
  • Monitor operation of water station submersible and other pipelines, valves, and filtration elements and sterilization materials.
  • Supply, repair and maintain pumping diesel power generators.
  • Provide adequate lighting for the station to ensure safeguarding and theft prevention.
  • Rehabilitation of the pumping house building.
  • Perform related maintenance such as checking all water pumps and piping leakages, checking of pump filters and valves, and backwashing as required.


With an estimated budget of EUR 300,000 and a five-month duration, this intervention aims to benefit  68,600 local beneficiaries, and 39,900 internally displaced people (IDPs) who will also benefit from the increased access to irrigation water.


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