Support for Health Services in the Northern Aleppo Countryside – Phase III

The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) has committed to contributing to the Health sector as it is one of the most affected and crucial in Syria. With the lack of timely response to urgent health emergencies in Northern Aleppo and building on the successes of the first two phases, the SRTF launched “Support for Health Services in the Northern Aleppo Countryside – Phase III”.


Through this project and in collaboration with an Implementing Entity (IE), the SRTF aims to expand ambulance response services in the area, continue the provision of health services in one health centre and two hospitals, operate one laboratory, maintain an oxygen generator and operational costs, ensuring the sustainability of such services in the area.


This will be achieved by implementing the following:

  • Continuing the work of the Ambulance Fleet Network.
    • Developing a plan of action and distributing 12 ambulances based on a health services map and needs.
    • Contracting staff to operate the ambulances, including administrative and technical staff.
    • Conducting training courses to improve staff members’ capacity.
    • Coordinating technical maintenance for all ambulances and equipping them with whatever equipment and consumables are necessary.
    • Leveraging coordination of ambulance services with existing health facilities to continue and improve operations.
    • Providing Force Account support and covering running costs necessary for ambulance operations.
    • Increasing ambulance outreach services.
  • Resuming medical services and consultations in the health centres, including laboratory and pharmacy services.
  • Enhancing healthcare programmes to include child health, reproductive health, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, nutrition and mental health and psychosocial support.
  • Supporting medical staff and providing training sessions to improve their capacity.
  • Providing medication and medical consumables.
  • Resuming the provision of laboratory diagnostic services.
  • Continuing the provision of laboratory consumables and supplies.
  • Covering the costs for operating the oxygen generator, including running costs and maintenance fees.
  • Providing Force Account support and covering running costs necessary for all operations and services, including IE support.
  • Conducting minor rehabilitation for the facilities.


This is expected to result in the following:

  • Improving access to high-quality primary public healthcare services by ensuring the continuity of existing services and optimising their utilisation to prevent adverse health effects and reduce the financial burden on the population.
  • Enhancing access to scarce specialised healthcare services in Northwest Syria.
  • Increasing the availability and reliability of health information to improve the quality of care.
  • Resourcing a responsive health system to mitigate the risk of new emerging health threats.
  • Increasing the quality of health services by harmonising standards and practices through integrated service delivery across facilities and partners.
  • Enhancing coordination and alignment between donors engaged in the sector.


This project aims to benefit 171,931 individuals, including 171,660 patients and 271 IE staff members, with a budget of EUR 2.94 million over a period of 12 months, with an additional six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation.



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