Restoration of Sustainable and Safe Water Access to Six Communities in A Sub-District in Northern Aleppo

The ongoing Syrian conflict has resulted in heightened water insecurity for both the host community residents and internally displaced people (IDPs) in Northwest Syria. This has been exacerbated by the scarcity of clean and safe water sources, necessitating a costly dependence on water trucking and the consumption of fuel to operate water stations.


Consequently, the Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) has launched a new project with an implementing entity (IE) , “Restoration of Sustainable and Safe Water Access to Six Communities in A Sub-District in Northern Aleppo”, under the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector. This project uses an integrated approach, aiming to increase people’s access to water by rehabilitating and upgrading water networks and systems, as well as providing short-term Cash-for-Work (CfW) opportunities, to ensure sustainability and reduce water scarcity, which in the long run would result in the decrease of water-borne diseases and healthier communities.


This project is expected to:

  • Increase earthquake-affected communities’ access to safe and clean water.
  • Enhancing the access of the most vulnerable individuals to short-term income-generating activities and opportunities.
  • Reducing water scarcity in the area.


This will be done by implementing the following:

  • Rehabilitating and improving the water infrastructure.
    • Rehabilitating and solarising four water stations to provide a climate-smart and sustainable solution to improve people’s access to water and reduce their reliance on fuel for generators to operate the water stations.
    • Extending one water network to supply water to neighbouring locations and sites to ensure their access to water and reduce their reliance on water trucking.
    • Installing six rain-fed water systems to introduce a fixed pumping system/schedule and increase the irrigation of crops in agricultural lands.
  • Providing training sessions to 30 water network and station operators.
  • Engaging 200 individuals in a CfW scheme to rehabilitate water networks and stations, focusing on unskilled and skilled workers as well as persons with disabilities.


This is expected to result in the following:

  • Rehabilitating four water stations and 6.8km of water networks.
  • Installing six rain-fed water systems in the sub-district.
  • Training 30 individuals on asset management.
  • Creating 200 short-term job opportunities.
  • Improving access to potable water, irrigation and job opportunities to 168,366 individuals.
  • Irrigating 23 dunums of land.


With a budget of EUR 1.57 million, this aims to directly benefit 168,366 individuals in over 33,000 households in a number of host communities to serve the residents and IDPs over 10 months, with an additional six months for monitoring and evaluation. Residents in surrounding communities will also benefit from the improved harvest quality, the revitalisation of the economy, and the clean potable water provided, mitigating the risk of spreading waterborne diseases and allowing residents to become healthier.



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