Rehabilitation of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in a District in Northern Aleppo – Phase I

Since the conflict started in Syria, the utilities, including the water and sanitation infrastructure networks, have not received any maintenance. A considerable amount of damage has been caused to the infrastructure due to the growing population in Northern Aleppo due to internal displacement which overloaded the infrastructure and increased pressure on the distribution network.


In response to this issue, the SRTF approved a new project, “Rehabilitation of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in a District in Northern Aleppo – Phase I”. During this first phase, the water supply networks will be rehabilitated and extended in order to improve access to drinking water for a population of more than 75,000 residents. The main components of phase one include:


  • Rehabilitation of the water supply and distribution system.
  • Rehabilitation of the electromechanical control switchgear at the pump stations.
  • Constructing a new water storage reservoir.
  • Introducing a reliable maintenance program for the existing pump stations and network.


The project will have the following activities:

  • Procurement and implementation of civil works for rehabilitation of the water network.
  • Procurement and supply of equipment for testing the water quality (PH, dissolved salinity, dissolved chlorine, analyzer instrument for detection of bacteria, etc.).
  • Procurement and supply of consumables (potable water test kits, safety clothing and protection gear, chlorine material, PEHD Pipes/bends and GI pipes/bend (different sizes with accessories, fittings, etc.).
  • Providing salaries for implementing entity’s (IE) staff for a limited time during the operation phase.
  • Development of the institutional capacity of the IE through workshops, training, and assistance with the development of a governorate-wide strategy for water and sanitation infrastructure maintenance and services.
  • Introduce community outreach initiatives, in which the IE, in collaboration with the community leaders, engage in awareness campaigns for the introduction of a self-finance scheme through the collection of a monthly-use fee to ensure long-term project sustainability of services.


The rehabilitation and maintenance works will directly contribute to improving the health environment and living conditions of the population of the targeted area. Additionally, the expected outcomes include a reduction in health risks for residents and an improved state of sanitation in the communities, and the overall supply of safe potable water, both in terms of quantity and quality. The estimated budget is EUR 1.8 million with an estimated duration of 18 months, which includes post-implementation monitoring and evaluation activities.


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