The Syria Recovery Trust Fund Marks a Decade of Resilience and Expansion with Impressive Accomplishments in 2023

Amman – Monday, 22 April 2024 - The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) is pleased to announce its key accomplishments in 2023, marking a decade of resilience and expansion. In the past year, the SRTF secured additional contributions totalling EUR 18.34 million from key donor countries, including Japan (EUR 5.93 million), Germany (EUR 10 million), and Denmark (EUR 2.41 million). This brings the total contributions to EUR 344.56 million.

Despite facing numerous challenges, the SRTF remained committed to addressing the needs of the Syrian people. In 2023, 35 projects and interventions, with a budget of EUR 82.85 million, in designated priority sectors were in different stages of implementation.

Additionally, the SRTF implemented a multi-phased Emergency Response Plan for communities affected by the earthquake that struck south of Turkey and Northwest of Syria.

The SRTF's efforts in 2023 have benefitted a total of 1.13 million individuals, with approximately 575,000 individuals positively impacted by SRTF Recovery projects in Northern Aleppo and an estimated 560,000 individuals benefitting from SRTF Stabilisation projects in Northeast Syria. These beneficiaries were involved in various sectors, including Agriculture, Food Security, Livelihoods, Health, and Electricity.

One significant achievement from last year was the growth and institutionalisation of the Revolving Credit Fund, now operating under the social establishment of Siraj Financial Services. This development has facilitated the growth of small and micro-enterprises.

The SRTF continued to expand its support to the Agriculture and Food Security sectors in Northern Syria, providing support to multiple crops such as potato, onion, vegetables, and wheat farmers. In 2023, a total of 12,438 wheat farmers in 51 Farmers' Cooperatives planted 26,321 hectares (HA) of land and harvested around 100,000 metric tonnes (MT) of wheat. The average wheat yield for 2023 was 3.79 MT/HA.

Additionally, the SRTF supported wheat milling and production by providing inputs to flour mills and bakeries, including over 20,000 MT of soft wheat for milling, yeast, packing material, and other consumables.

Furthermore, the SRTF intensified efforts in renewable energy adoption, particularly in the Health, Water, and Agriculture sectors, to enhance operational efficiency and expand access to essential services.

The SRTF Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz shared a statement on this occasion: "As we celebrate ten years of operation dedicated to serving the Syrian people, we are very proud of our achievements since inception. Over 14.5 million people have benefitted from 110 SRTF-funded projects in the last ten years while maintaining a cumulative overhead of around 17.50%. Our achievements would not have been possible without the continuous support and funding from our members, which has enabled the SRTF to advance its mission of alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people."



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