Syrian National Coalition President Tours SRTF-Funded Projects in Northern Aleppo

Amman, Jordan – Wednesday, 28 February 2024 – In an extensive two-day visit that highlights the ongoing collaboration between the Syrian National Coalition (SOC) and the SRTF to improve the lives of Syrians in the liberated areas in Northern Aleppo countryside, SOC President Mr. Hadi Al-Bahra inspected several projects funded by the SRTF.


On the first day of the visit, the head of the SOC, accompanied by a delegation, toured various projects in liberated areas, including a medical waste incineration facility that will be able to provide its services to many hospitals in the region; a cash-for-work (CfW) project offering rehabilitation job opportunities at ten schools; a solar energy project designed to power seven water pumping stations to help alleviate water shortages in the region; and a wheat production Agriculture project.

On the second day, Mr. Al-Bahra visited the revolving credit fund (RCF) services at one of four Siraj Financial Services (SFS) in Northern Aleppo, where he listened to a briefing on the transformational impact these micro and development loans have had on small businesses and entrepreneurs. The delegation also inspected a flour mill and bakery facility. Lastly, they visited an orthopaedic hospital that offers specialised surgeries and health services, where he was briefed by the medical staff and checked on several hospitalised patients. 


During discussions with officials and local community members, Mr. Al-Bahra emphasised the significance of these projects, especially for the well-being of the people in the region and called for continued collaboration between different stakeholders to address ongoing challenges. In a statement, Mr. Al-Bahra said, "The SRTF's progress in Syria, especially the vital efforts to revive livelihoods and establish stability, is commendable. In light of recent international developments, unity among diverse actors is crucial. Through collaborative efforts, the SOC, working with the SRTF, can effectively respond to Syrian demands and improve the region's overall situation. This collective endeavour is essential for paving the way towards a future of freedom and prosperity."


Reaffirming the SRTF's commitment to supporting the Syrian people, Director General (DG) Hani Khabbaz said, "Mr. Al-Bahra’s visit strengthens our resolve. Such interactions are vital for staying connected with the communities we serve and fulfilling Syrians' aspirations while enhancing their livelihoods. In 2023 alone, the SRTF has benefitted around 1.13 million Syrians, bringing the total number impacted to over 14 million in around 400 communities since its inception in 2013."



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