An SRTF Agriculture Project Delivers Agricultural Inputs to Vegetable Farmers in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Wednesday, 26 July 2023 – The SRTF announced starting the delivery of 10 MT of polyethylene plastic mulch and 100,000 EA polyethylene vegetable bags to 2,000 vegetable farmers under its Agriculture project, “Support Farmers for the Production of Wheat and Vegetable Crops in Northern Aleppo”, today.


The polyethylene plastic mulch is used for eliminating weeds, warming up the soil during winter or cooler seasons, and retaining the soil’s moisture, enabling a faster growth rate earlier in the season. As for the polyethylene vegetable bags, these are used to keep the vegetable crops free of contamination at all stages of transportation, thereby, helping to maintain production and reducing food waste.


The overall aim of this project is to rehabilitate wheat and vegetable crop production in Northern Aleppo, through the provision of wheat and vegetable seeds, agrochemicals, and a variety of agricultural inputs, as well as the provision of training sessions to farmers on the rehabilitation of the agriculture sector. These combined will enhance food security and ensure the long-term sustainability of crop production as well as their availability across local markets, thereby, improving farmers’ living conditions and employment rates in the area.


With a budget of EUR 3 million, this project will directly benefit 4,000 farmers (including 2,000 vegetable farmers and 2,000 wheat farmers) and their 20,000 family members, through a period of 18 months, including six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation. An additional 95,000 individuals will benefit monthly through the milling of the harvested wheat.



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Support Farmers for the Production of Wheat and Vegetable Crops in Northern Aleppo


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