An SRTF Health Project Installs Solar Systems in Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Sunday, 29 January 2023 – The SRTF announced the installation of two Solar Systems in two facilities under its Health project: “Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo”, today.


The solar systems included various equipment such as a 455W solar panel, an inverter with a charger, a deep cycle gel battery, a mounting structure, a battery cabinet, panelboards, junction boxes, and cables, and were designed and installed in a Health Directorate building and a Laboratory building in Northern Aleppo.


This was part of the facilities’ rehabilitation, in order to facilitate their operations and provide a better conducive environment for doctors and technical medics to practice.


Moreover, the wider aim of this project is to provide essential health services at affordable prices for people in the area, as well as to provide job opportunities for medical personnel. Improving the existing health facilities increases people’s access to healthcare and helps them secure their needs.


This project has a budget of EUR 3.3 million and will benefit around 60,000 patients directly through surgical and non-surgical procedures and services, over a period of 18 months including six months for monitoring and evaluation. It will also benefit around 335,000 individuals indirectly.



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Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo


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