Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo

The surge in civilians in need of medical treatment for injuries caused by bombings, explosive remnants, or minefields such as burns and bone injuries required immediate medical attention however, the injured civilians are taken to remote areas to receive the necessary medical treatment, due to the lack of specialized medical facilities for such injuries in Northern Aleppo.  Furthermore, due to the alarming spread of the COVID-19 pandemic globally, it was crucial for the SRTF to intervene to support vulnerable communities and safeguard people against this highly infectious virus through equipped health facilities and isolation centers to deal with the virus in case of a breakout.


Through this project, “Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo”, the SRTF, in collaboration with the implementing entity (IE),  will;  rehabilitate an existing medical facility and secure provisions of essential medical equipment, consumables, and supplies to equip it to offer centralized treatment to civilian casualties caused from burns, disfigurement, loss of body limbs caused by explosives, etc. Furthermore, and to that point, these improvements will enable the IE to offer doctor specialists, technical medics, and trainers the conducive practicing environment that they need to train well.


The project will also supply essential implant devices for orthopedic treatments, provide the provision of medical equipment, medicines & consumables, provision funds for operations’ costs of the medical facilities for one year after initiation of operations, establish a laboratory for epidemiological tests in case of a COVID-19 outbreak, and finally, it will provide operational expenses, including force account for the medical and administrative staff for the approved facilities: casualties treatment center, one hospital, one health center, some of the  IE’s staff, and COVID-19 isolation and case management centers.


Some of the project’s expected outcomes are:


  • Burn treatment and reconstructive surgery services will be available for inhabitants of the northern Aleppo countryside.
  • Living standards for the inhabitants of Northern Aleppo and its adjacent area will be significantly improved through improving the availability of vital health services.
  • Better health services provided at one hospital and one health center in targeted areas.
  • A preparedness plan put to action to respond to a possible COVID19 outbreak in the Northern Aleppo region.


With an estimated budget of EUR 3.3 million and a duration of 18 months (12 Months of project implementation and 6 Months of post-implementation M&E), the project is expected to benefit 59,680 patients directly and around 335,400 beneficiaries indirectly.


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