Rehabilitation of Ten Schools in Rural Areas of Northern Aleppo-Phase I

In response to the severe unemployment and poverty ratios in targeted areas in Northern Aleppo, the SRTF is implementing this project that aims to promote people’s livelihoods through providing short-term Cash for Work (CfW) job opportunities.


The CfW opportunities will be available for unskilled or semi-skilled workers, enabling them to secure a basic income for their families through legal paid work. The jobs include rehabilitation and restoration works for 10 targeted schools in the targeted area.


The project is expected to have a great impact on improving the target beneficiaries’ livelihoods and in turn, allowing school-aged children to enjoy a safer, more suitable learning environment at these 10 schools.


More specifically, this project is expected to:

  • Increase employment through CfW for local community members through the provision of 230 job opportunities.
  • Better equip CfW beneficiaries in order for them to be able to rehabilitate the schools.
  • Rehabilitate and equip 10 schools in Northern Rural Aleppo with additional space and furniture, providing access to a safe and suitable learning environment.
  • Provide around 5,560 (currently enrolled) students with a safer and more suitable learning environment through the rehabilitation of the schools.
  • Provide a better work environment for around 220 school staff.
  • Enhance hygiene, sanitation and quality education as a result of the renovation of these schools.
  • Provide increased quality and access to educational facilities.
  • Improve long-term benefits to students thereby discouraging them from child marriage and/or child labour.


This will be done by implementing the following activities:

  • Restoring and rehabilitating 10 schools, including classrooms, repairing walls, ceilings, doors, windows, floors, lighting, plumbing, sanitary facilities, the perimeter fences, gates and playgrounds.
  • Constructing nine additional classrooms.
  • Constructing six new washrooms.
  • Creating green spaces, gardens and planting trees within school perimeters.
  • Supplying fixed and consumable goods, including school furniture and playground equipment.


With a budget of around EUR 1 million, this project aims to directly benefit 6,010 beneficiaries as well as 30,050 individuals indirectly in the area, over a period of 24 months, including six months of post-implementation monitoring and evaluation.


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