Support to a Hospital in a City in Aleppo Governorate

The population of this selected city and its adjacent areas suffers from a lack of OB/GYN, pediatric, maternal, neonatal, and intensive care services because many large public hospitals in Aleppo Governorate that once provided these services have been destroyed or have ceased operations.


Prior to the conflict, hospitals provided a variety of health care services to all inhabitants of Aleppo Governorate, and residents of this city depended on the now-defunct hospitals for their health care needs. Since the onset of the crisis and the subsequent closing of the aforementioned hospitals, other health care facilities have been established with the help of NGOs, but such facilities focus on trauma and emergency medical services.


This project addresses the above issues and includes three main activities:

  • first, the procurement and installation of equipment for the establishment of two gynecology operation rooms, two obstetrics rooms, an infant incubators’ ward, a two-bed adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and a two-bed Pediatric ICU;
  • second, the procurement and supplying of the selected hospital with six months’ worth of essential medications; and,
  • third, infrastructure works for necessary preparatory work (i.e., the installation of an electrical network and oxygen generation system).

In particular, the following will occur:

  • Two gynecology operation rooms and two obstetrics rooms are equipped and established;
  • A Pediatric ICU and an adult ICU, each with a capacity of two beds, are equipped and established;
  • An infant incubators ward with five incubators is equipped and established; and,
  • Six months’ worth of essential medications is provided to the selected hospital.


An estimated 150,000 people in the project city and its adjacent area will benefit from the successful completion of this project. In particular, the population will benefit from:

  • the availability of maternity, ICU, pediatric ICU, and neonatal incubation services;
  • a significantly increased standard of living due to improving the availability of vital health services; and,
  • an increase in the selected hospital’s capability to distribute health services.


The financing agreement for this project was signed in mid-August 2014, and it is expected to be completed by August 2015. For more information of this project see:ürkiye-for-a-number-of-ies-staff-of-several-projects

The SRTF Delivers Medications and Health Care Consumables to Hospitals in Aleppo Governorate



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