The SRTF Continues to Support Wheat Farmers in Syria

Syria – Wednesday, 1 February 2023 – The SRTF announces the successful delivery of a total of around 2,100 MT of Syrian varieties of hard wheat seeds to over 4,200 farmers farming over 8,360 hectares as part of its ongoing support for Syrian farmers in three governorates.


The farmers have planted their lands and are already expecting a promising planting season as a result.


The SRTF’s commitment to boost the agriculture sector in Syria has been ongoing through various projects and multi-phased interventions in an effort to increase wheat production and improve the quality and production of crops, enhance living conditions, and improve food security in targeted areas.


To that end, the SRTF offered a range of technical and financial services and resources, including the delivery of modern specialised machinery, high quality seeds, fertilisers as well as other necessary inputs to aid farmers who will be cultivating wheat, enabling them to increase crop production.


Additionally, and with regards to its contribution to support sustainable energy, some SRTF-supported farmers were reported using dripping irrigation systems from pumping stations powered by solar systems which is similar to an effort currently being implemented under a different SRTF agriculture project. This SRTF project is keen to promote environmentally sustainable activities that are climate smart; reduce running cost, and improve the reliability of the electrical supply, which reflects positively on the farmers’ livelihoods and sustainability.  As such the SRTF efforts are all in line with SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”, SDG 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy” and SDG 13 "Climate Action" by reducing gas emissions from traditional diesel generators.


Ahmad, a beneficiary in Ar-Raqqa told us: “I was provided with enough wheat seeds to plant my whole piece of land. Without the SRTF’s support, I would have never been able to plant my land and benefit from it. The SRTF stood by us and the staff is great. if I had not received this support, my land would still be empty and I would have had to work as a daily labourer or move to another area.”


The SRTF’s Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, said: “Agriculture is the backbone of Syria’s economy, and farmers are the backbone of agriculture. The SRTF is committed to building their capacities and supporting them with all the resources necessary to ensure that each wheat plantation season is a great success that yields bountiful harvests. It is a vital investment in their future, guaranteeing food security and sustainable economic growth for generations to come."


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