An SRTF Food Security Project Receives a Shipment of Polyethylene Bread Packing Bags

Türkiye’ – Thursday, 3 February 2022– The SRTF's food security project: "Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate- Phase V” announced receiving a shipment consisting of 22,248 tons - out of 100,000 tons of polyethylene bread packing bags - contracted under this project.

The bags will be used to pack bread after it cools down and before its distribution. Each 1,200 kg of bread can be packed in one polyethylene bag (a bundle). The weight of the bundle is not fixed, it is according to the bread distribution plan.


With a budget of EUR 7.8 million, the goal of this project is to replenish the supply of soft wheat and procure additional bakery equipment to secure bread availability at affordable prices for the targeted communities. It will positively impact an estimated 375,000 beneficiaries per day for eight months who will benefit from increased availability of affordable bread.


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Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate – Phase V


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