An SRTF WASH Intervention Begins Rehabilitation Works in Deir Ez-Zor

Deir Ez-Zor – Wednesday, June 2, 2021 – The SRTF is pleased to announce the start of rehabilitation works for its WASH intervention, “Rehabilitation of Two Water Pumping Stations in Deir Ez-Zor”. The current rehabilitation works include cleaning and clearing the pump station building, which is extremely damaged due to the conflict and neglect. Additionally, the implementing partner is removing damaged equipment in order to prepare the pump stations for future mechanical and electrical works.


The main objectives of this intervention are to ensure that the two targeted agricultural pumping stations are providing adequate amount of water to serviced canals and fields. Furthermore, this intervention aims to secure water supply to higher elevations, irrigation channels, and storage facilities, as well as provide sufficient pressures and flow rates for daily use and emergency situations.


This five-month intervention has a budget of EUR 300,000 and intends to positively impact 68,600 local beneficiaries, as well as 39,900 internally displaced people (IDPs) who will benefit from increased access to irrigation water.


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Rehabilitation of Two Water Pumping Stations in Deir Ez-Zor


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