The SRTF Sparks Progress in the Electricity Sector in 2020

Amman – Thursday, February 11, 2021 –  The SRTF’s efforts to restore electrical grids and transformers in different parts of Syria continues to create strong currents. At the beginning of 2020, the SRTF had one electricity project in Northern Aleppo for EUR 1.7 million and during 2020, the SRTF approved two stabilization interventions in Ar-Raqqa and one project in Northern Aleppo in the Electricity sector, with a total budget of over EUR 3.5 million. Bringing the total to four projects for a total budget of EUR 5.2 million.


The two electricity interventions in Ar-Raqqa focus on the restoration of urban streetlights and the rehabilitation of many transformer centers. The restoration works for lampposts and transformer centers for streets started at the end of 2020 and already completed 44% of the planned work. This intervention is estimated to directly benefit around 44,000 people. As this intervention continues to light the streets of Ar-Raqqa, the other intervention, focused on rehabilitating 13 power transformer centers, completed all civil and electrical works in 2020. This intervention has provided two hospital centers with electricity and allowed these medical centers to operate critical equipment and devices that serve to cure and heal patients. These hospitals served a catchment area of 42,857 households (around 257,000 people). Additionally, 17,144 households (around 102,000 residents) from five villages benefited from these electricity works by connecting their homes to the electricity grid.


Meanwhile, the two SRTF electricity projects focused on the rehabilitation and expansion of the electricity grid and the supply and installation of solar power to provide a number of water pumps with electricity. The project to rehabilitate the power grid in Northern Aleppo completed all its activities and an official inauguration ceremony was held at the end of 2020. Over the course of this year, this project received numerous deliveries from safety clothes and tools for workers to distribution transformers, generators, MV conductors, cables and insulators to concrete poles and basket cranes. The deliveries also contained required parts and tools for the rehabilitation of the medium voltage network and included connection boxes, accessories for tension insulators and suspension insulators, and spare parts for transformers. As a result of this project’s activities, 8,000 households, around 48,000 people, received electrical services in 2020.


The SRTF Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, lauded the Fund’s progress in the electricity sector, stating, “The SRTF is dedicated to ensuring reliable electricity to beneficiaries in targeted communities. The work we’ve accomplished this year has served over 150,000 people. The SRTF will work on the electricity sector in the coming years."


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