The SRTF Lights Up Main Streets in Ar-Raqqa City

Ar-Raqqa - Thursday, 17th December 2020 - The SRTF announced the progress of rehabilitation activities to restore the lights of the main streets in Ar-Raqqa city as part of the SRTF intervention: “Restoration of Urban Lighting in Ar-Raqqa City - Phase I”.


This achieved progress is the completion of activities in the first streets targeted under this intervention. The activities include the repair and replacement of lampposts, the supply of all required lights, cables and accessories, and the installation and connection of the lights. The major streets that are targeted under the rehabilitation of lighting infrastructure were selected based on traffic density in the city to improve living and security conditions for the Syrian people, also to reduce instability, and to decrease the impediments to recovery.  


Around 44,000 people will directly benefit from this intervention, and the entire urban population of Ar-Raqqa city, which is approximately over 177,000, will indirectly benefit from this intervention.


In a comment by the SRTF Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, he stated: “We are very pleased to witness lighting being restored in the streets of Ar-Raqqa city as part of this intervention,  and we are committed to continuing our efforts to improve the living conditions of Ar-Raqqa residents so that they can enjoy public safety and stability.”


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Restoration of Urban Lighting in Ar-Raqqa City - Phase I


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