Custom Home Repairs, Water Access and Cash for Work Assistance to Stabilize Communities - Phase III

In continuing with the success of the first two phases of this intervention, “Home Gardens, Backyard Poultry kits, and Custom Home Repairs for Urban Households – Phase I” and “Home gardens, custom home repairs and cash-for-work opportunities in Raqqa - Phase II”, the third phase of this intervention, “Custom Home Repairs, Water access and Cash for Work Assistance to Stabilize Communities - Phase III”, will focus on the restoration of living conditions in homes, as well as increase access to safe drinking water through the rehabilitation of water infrastructures.  Additionally, this intervention will support conflict-affected households in meeting their basic needs through the creation of income-generating opportunities for vulnerable households through a cash-for-work (CfW) activities. Implementation of activities will be carried out by the same International NGO which established experience and contextualized knowledge about targeted communities and their environment in the first two phases. The SRTF support will enable the implementing partner to contribute effectively to improving the living conditions of the targeted beneficiaries through the following activities: 


  • Conduction of CfW activities which includes the rehabilitation of schools (such as painting classrooms, electrical works, cleaning, etc.), irrigation canal cleaning, and other activities including the rehabilitation of communal buildings, roads and sidewalks, community gardens, etc.;


  • Distribution of home repair support packages; and Shelter rehabilitation works including window and door replacement or installation, plastering of unfinished surfaces, repairs to concrete walls and roofs, plumbing repairs to kitchens and latrines or installation of missing items, basic electrical wiring repair, improved ventilation, and more;


  • Rehabilitation of five water stations which will include electrical, mechanical, and civil works such as pumping set replacement and maintenance, replacement of valves, structural repairs to buildings, electrical panels and connections, and water quality components such as disinfection units.


The expected duration of this intervention is six months and has a total estimated budget of EUR 2.1 million. Around 26,000 households (estimated 156,000 individuals) will directly benefit from the outcomes of the proposed activities. These beneficiaries include 1,000 households who will benefit from CfW activities, 1,000 households who will receive shelter rehabilitations, and 24,000 households who reside in the areas of the rehabilitated water stations.


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