Rehabilitation of A Water Pumping Station in Deir Ez-Zor

Water pumping stations are critical for the livelihoods and economies of local communities and farmers in Deir Ez-Zor. These stations are the first step in transferring water from the Euphrates River into the local water supply, irrigation system, and septic systems.


This intervention will focus on the rehabilitation of one water pumping station in Deir Ez-Zor and aims to provide residents with access to a reliable and safe water source and provide irrigation water to farmers. There is a number of irrigation water stations serving local farmers that rely on this pumping station to support the local agriculture and economy. Once rehabilitation is complete this station will restore water service to households, businesses, schools, clinics, and farms. The two main objectives of this intervention are to:


  • Ensure that the pump station is adequately providing clean drinking water from the raw source to the distribution systems.
  • Ensure water supply to high elevations, irrigation channels, and storage facilities and provide adequate pressures and flow rates during daily use and emergency situations.


The activities under this intervention include:

  • Performing a variety of technical maintenance and repair activities to the pump station and equipment.
  • Rehabilitating all pumping house buildings including interior and exterior, concrete bases, and fence walls. Fix all lighting fixtures and wiring.
  • Installing new electronic control systems for water pumping motors, diesel power generators, transformers, electrical feeding cables, and Generator Electrical Panels.
  • Monitoring operation of water station submersible and other pipelines, valves, and filtration elements and sterilization materials.
  • Cleaning the settlement tanks with sand jet blasting and replace dirty sand particles with new silica sands for all filtration elements.
  • Supplying and/or repairing and maintaining pumping diesel power generators.
  • Providing adequate lighting for the station to ensure safeguarding and theft prevention.
  • Supplying and installing interior & exterior doors and windows along with painting.
  • Performing related maintenance such as checking all water pumps and piping leakages, checking of pump filters and valves, and backwashing as required.


The intervention is planned to be completed in five months with a budget of EUR 235,560 and is expected to impact around 53,500 beneficiaries including internally displaced people (IDPs).


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