Rehabilitation of a Number of Electrical Transformers in Ar-Raqqa

The impact of conflict in Al-Raqqa left a devastating impact on infrastructures across all vital services, including the electricity. With the absence of electrical supplies, living standards have decreased immensely for communities living in the northeast of Syria forcing them to live in harsh conditions. One the most pressing demands of the local community was providing hospitals, facilities, and houses in Al-Raqqa with electricity by rehabilitating the electrical substations and transformers.

The SRTF’s intervention, which will be implemented by a non-governmental organization, aims to rehabilitate and replace electrical transformers, check and maintain medium and low voltage cables, install circuit breakers and control panels, and providing the required generators. More specifically, the intervention aims to:


  • Supplying the two public hospitals with electricity by rehabilitating nine electrical transforming centers in Raqqa city.
  • Providing citizens and IDP houses and facilities in Euphrates neighborhood in Raqqa city with power by rehabilitating four electrical transforming centers.
  • Providing five villages in Raqqa countryside with electricity via the rehabilitation of five areal electrical transformers.

With a total value of EUR 846 thousand, an approximate 300,000 beneficiaries will benefit directly from this intervention including large numbers of families of the displaced who are currently residing in the targeted areas. As for the project implementation period, it is expected to take about six months, including procurement activities, installation and civil works.


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