Rehabilitation of a Water Supply Network in a City in Idleb Governorate – Phase II

In 2011, approximately 85% of the population in Syria had access to safe drinking water; this figure has declined to 40% since the Syrian crisis began. In addition, water quality is deteriorating and water supply diminishing.

In the selected city and adjacent areas, the water supply has been heavily affected by the conflict due to the electric power being cut off and the infrastructure – which is used for both water extraction (via pumps) and water distribution (via a piping network) – deteriorating. The entire system, which was designed to serve 126,000 inhabitants, consists of four pump stations. Three of these pump stations supply water for approximately 68,000 people.


This phase of the project involves the following works for rehabilitation of the selected pump stations:

  • supplying and installing nine water pumps (six submersible and three surface) in the three pumping stations;
  • supplying generators;
  • rehabilitating 23.5km of the water piping network (which has a total length of 60km); and,
  • increasing the capacity of the selected IE.


An estimated 68,000 people will benefit directly from the implementation of this phase of the project. At least 126,000 people will benefit from the successful completion of both phases of this project. In particular, this project is expected to:

  • increase service coverage from 60% to 80% for the 68,000 people in the project area;
  • increase consumption per capita per day from 13 liters per capita per day (LCD) to 60 LCD; and,
  • decrease water loses from 45% to 25%, thereby decreasing the cost per cubic meter by half.


The financing agreement for this project was signed in late March 2014, and it is expected to be completed by September 2015.

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