Supply of Orthopedic Implants and Devices to Three Hospitals in Aleppo Governorate

Due to the conflict, the Ministry of Health in Damascus has stopped the supply of medical goods to many areas in Syria. Various donors are providing a variety of health goods and services as a matter of relief to medical facilities, but because orthopedic surgeries are expensive and donors have been unable to fill this need, patients receive treatment only in the acute phase of orthopedic events as a stabilization measure. This method has led to many malformation and disability cases.


The project aims to procure and supply one year’s worth of orthopedic implant devices and associated consumables for three hospitals in Aleppo Governorate through the IE. The IE will receive and distribute the orthopedic implants to the selected hospitals based on a coordinated programme on needs at the hospitals; this programme will be agreed between the IE and hospitals’ Surgical Departments on semi-annual basis and required implants will be made available on a timely basis. Also, in order to ensure a timely response to surgery needs and accountable administration on the availability of implants, the project shall cover the salaries of the responsible team, including a surgeon and one store/reporting officer for one year.


Worth approximately Euro 2.3 million, this project will impact an estimated 9.000 orthopedic surgeries for around 6.000 patients in one year. Nearly 1,500,000 people will benefit from the availability and affordability of orthopedic surgeries in these three hospitals. For more information please visite:


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