SRTF Management Unit held Three Different Trainings in Turkey for a Number of IEs’ Staff of several Projects

Gaziantep – 4 September, 2015 – The SRTF Management Unit concluded three trainings sessions for staff members of SRTF projects’ implementing entities (IEs) today.


The first training session dedicated to operating power generator sets 250/kfa was held in Gaziantep, Turkey, on 29 August 2015. The manufacturer company “AKSA” explained how to operate and use these sets. During the second training session, which was held in Ankara-Turkey between 31 August 2015 and 2 September 2015, three trainees learned how to use “Portable Cable Fault Detector” and “Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester” devices by the manufacturer Austrian company “BAUR”.


Those two training sessions in support of capacity building for IEs of SRTF “Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Electricity Grid of a Town in Aleppo Governorate” and “Rehabilitation and Maintenance of High voltage Grid in Selected Areas of Aleppo Governorate” projects.


The third training session focused on the use of blood gas analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, and ICU ventilator took place in two hospitals in Gaziantep-Turkey for two physicians under the supervision of the SRTF Management Unit. The three-day training session was held (from 2-4 September 2015) in support of SRTF “Support to a Hospital in a City in Aleppo Governorate” and “Support to Health Services at Hospitals in Idleb Governorate” projects.




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