One Year On: The SRTF Continues to Support Earthquake-Affected Communities in Northern Syria

Türkiye – Tuesday, 6 February 2024 – Reflecting on the one-year mark since the devastating earthquake that shook Northern Syria and Türkiye on February 6, 2023, the SRTF stands resilient in its ongoing commitment to providing crucial support to affected communities.


Within 24 hours after the earthquake, the SRTF’s Management Unit (MU), in cooperation with the Syrian Public Establishment for Grains (SPEG), initiated the daily distribution of bread to affected communities in Northern Aleppo, as well as the distribution of available medication and medical consumables to the health facilities operating in Northern Aleppo.  Simultaneously, the SRTF worked on multiple fronts to ensure the well-being of its employees and their family members and assess the damage to the supported hospitals, flour mills, and bakeries to ensure their ability to continue to provide public services safely.


Consequently, the Management Committee (MC) approved the SRTF’s multi-activity Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Phase I on 10 February 2023 with a total budget of around EUR 1.3 million. The ERP included several activities and aimed to mobilise resources and provide rapid assistance to thousands of Syrians following the deadly earthquake. As a result, within the initial months of the earthquake, 268,000 bread bundles were distributed to affected individuals free of charge, along with blankets, trauma and surgical kits, medication, and medical consumables. Additionally, a temporary tent camp was established, and SRTF-supplied ambulances and vehicles were mobilised to aid in transferring the wounded and distributing assistance to affected communities.


Recognising the urgent and escalating needs, the SRTF launched Phase II of the ERP on 24 February 2023, allocating EUR 3.5 million to address ongoing health projects and to support the crucial operations of the Syrian Civil Defence. Moreover, the SRTF allocated an additional EUR 4 million to procure 10,000 MT of soft wheat to ensure the continuity of availability of flour and bread production and to ensure that more people, especially those affected by the earthquake, have access to it. The additional wheat benefited around 317,000 people/month for three months.


On this occasion, the President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Hadi Al-Bahra said: "As we reflect upon the year that has passed, we acknowledge the hardships endured by our people in the aftermath of the devastating multiple earthquakes. Yet, amid challenges, we find strength and determination. The collaborative efforts with our international partners, through our collaboration with the SRTF, have been pivotal. Together, we have weathered the storm, and as we look forward, our resolve remains steadfast to rebuild, heal, and foster a brighter future for the people of Syria."


Marking one year since the earthquake, the Director General of the SRTF, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, issued a statement saying: “Reflecting on a painful event such as the Feb 2023 magnitude 7.8 earthquake is not easy; the devastation claimed the lives of thousands in Syria alone. Tens of thousands of Syrian people were displaced, and families' safety, stability and hopes were shattered.


Despite the profound sadness, we find solace in the positive impact we made one year ago, with EUR 8.75 million allocated to ERP efforts, thanks to the unwavering support from our donors and member countries. Special thanks to Japan for its timely contribution of EUR 5.95 million.


In the year that has elapsed, the SRTF has relentlessly worked around the clock, thanks to our teams' steadfast dedication and resilience during these critical times, to ensure our immediate response was as effective as possible, and they continue to do so.


As we mark this tragic event, our commitment to alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people remains unwavering, aiming to rebuild and restore hope to the affected communities, especially during devastating emergencies such as this one.”



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