Emergency Response in Northern Aleppo – Civil Defence Operations

On 06 February 2023, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkiye's southeast and Northwest Syria which caused massive destruction of buildings and infrastructure leading to a major humanitarian crisis in Syria. With a rising death toll, thousands injured and tens of thousands displaced, there was an immediate need to intervene with an emergency response plan (ERP) to support vulnerable communities in earthquake- struck areas north of Syria. The ERP consisted of two phases.


Under phase II of the ERP, this project was approved under fast track approval method to provide emergency response and lifesaving activities under search and rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to help the Syria Civil Defence (SCD) complete their search and rescue operation and maintain their capacity in the upcoming months in case of strong tremors and aftershocks.


The project will also assess the safety of damaged buildings, facilitate the return of civilians to their homes, and provide necessary ambulance tools and equipment to the SCD for timely and effective EMS. Awareness campaigns on earthquake safety and first aid will also be conducted to help people take appropriate action in case of any emergency.


The project will have the following two objectives:

  • Amplifying the response for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) by supporting programme staff and equipment necessary for northern Syria operations from March 2023 to June 2023.
  • Supporting the search and rescue efforts to reach as many individuals as possible and urgently removing rubble to clear pathways for emergency health services and humanitarian support to the region.


Upon completion, the project is expected to have the following results:

  • Direct support to health search and rescue programme staff in three districts north of Syria so that they can procced with emergency operations for the next six (6) months.
  • Provide the SCD team with safety equipment to continue search and rescue operations as well as emergency medical services.
  • Provide maintenance and spare parts to heavy response vehicles for rubble removal activities.
  • Provide all necessary equipment and tools for ambulances to provide essential services in the targeted areas through the SRTF funding.
  • Provide alternative energy sources for the SCD project facilities in the targeted region.


With a total budget of 1.93 million and a duration of six months, this project will have two levels of direct beneficiaries. The first level includes 22 SCD centers and 692 volunteers in the targeted locations who will be supported by the project activities to maintain search and rescue, rubble removal, and EMS services. The second level includes an estimated average of 2,191 beneficiaries per month from EMS and search and rescue operations in the targeted areas, based on 2022 historical data of SCD operations. Additionally, the project has indirect beneficiaries, including the total population in the targeted areas, estimated at 1,368,693 people, of which 22% are men, 24% are women, and 54% are children.

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