The SRTF’s Management Committee (MC) Approves Four New Projects and Interventions under the Agriculture, Health and Livelihoods Sectors

Washington DC – Sunday, 5 November 2023 – The Syria Recovery Trust Fund’s (SRTF’s) Management Committee (MC) held its 35th Meeting in Washington D.C., United States.


During the meeting, the SRTF’s Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz briefed members about the SRTF’s operational updates on the ground and their impact on beneficiaries across Northeast and Northwest Syria.


Furthermore, the MC approved four new efforts that included two interventions under the Stabilisation Programme and two new projects under the Recovery Programme. The approved projects are in the Agriculture and Health sectors. As part of its continuous support to livelihoods and sustainable economic recovery, the SRTF approved a second phase of its Revolving Credit Fund (RCF) in Northern Aleppo.


The newly approved projects and interventions increased the total budget of approved projects to around EUR 255 million.


Under the Stabilisation Programme, an Agriculture intervention, “Support Potato Farmers in Ar-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor Governorates”, with a budget of EUR 943,800, was approved to support 500 potato farmers through the provision of various inputs and water-efficient irrigation systems, to improve potato production, enhance food security and promote stability in the region. The second approved intervention, “Provision of Primary Health Care Services in Deir ez-Zor Governorate – Phase III”, came under the Health sector with a budget of EUR 1.73 million. It aims to extend operations within two primary health care centres and one mobile clinic that was established under a previous phase. This will ensure the facilities continue serving around 115,956 patients directly through the provision of essential health services and distribution of non-communicable disease kits, as well as employing medical personnel.


Under the Recovery projects, an Agriculture project, “Supporting Olive Farmers in Northern Aleppo” with a budget of EUR 1.89 million, aims to enhance agricultural services that support olive production in the area while also promoting market-led and high-value olive chains by establishing three Olive Farmer Associations. The project also supports olive growing by increasing farmers' access to quality inputs and enhancing their capacity. This project is expected to benefit 1,000 farmers directly.


With a budget of EUR 2.94 million, the Recovery Programme will launch Phase II of the Livelihoods project, “Revolving Credit Fund to Support Livelihoods Recovery in Northwest Syria”, which aims to build upon the successes of the first phase and continue its operations by prioritising women, youth, persons with disabilities, female-headed households and households without income, and expanding to reach wider areas across the Northwest.


In his statement, the Director General, Eng Hani Khabbaz, highlighted the SRTF's steadfast dedication to fostering self-reliance among beneficiaries, underscoring the organisation's ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable development and fostering lasting change in the region. He reiterated that the SRTF's unwavering focus is on empowering beneficiaries and communities to attain long-term positive impact, emphasising the crucial role of collaborative partnerships in achieving these goals.



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