An SRTF Agriculture Intervention Delivers Fodder, Medication and Vaccines to Livestock Breeders in Ar-Raqqa

Northeast Syria – Sunday, 17 September 2023 – The SRTF announced the delivery of 138 MT of fodder, 2,179 medication packets and 243 packets of vaccines under its Agriculture intervention, ‘Support to Livestock Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase II’.


The items delivered have so far benefited 1,051 livestock breeders, enabling the administration of vaccines to 23,646 sheep, goats and cows.


Furthermore, to this date, 54 technicians and veterinarians have been provided with technical training, increasing their capacity and enabling them to assist cooperatives and breeders and train 1,000 breeders throughout the intervention’s lifecycle.


Building on the successful outcomes of Phase I, this phase of the intervention seeks to enhance livestock breeders’ economic conditions and improve food security across Ar-Raqqa by increasing livestock production and improving the available economic resources. It aims to, firstly, enable cooperatives to continue providing inputs and services, thereby assisting their members. Secondly, to improve the capacity of veterinarians and technicians so they can assist cooperatives and breeders. Thirdly, to establish a new Syrian Agriculture-Veterinary Association consisting of local technicians able to provide the relevant services and technical assistance to farmers and breeders, ensuring sustainability following the closure of the intervention.


This is done through providing livestock and veterinary inputs to 3,800 breeders, supporting existing veterinarian clinics and laboratories by reinforcing the provision of services and vaccinating 75,000 livestock, setting up two new mobile clinics and improving one clinic previously established under Phase I, as well as training 80 local technicians, agronomists, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and breeders on the use of inputs to improve livestock productivity.


With a budget of EUR 1.84 million, this intervention is expected to directly benefit 3,800 livestock breeders and their 19,400 family members indirectly over 12 months, including a two-month inception phase. Additionally, surrounding community members will benefit through increased food and financial security.



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Support to Livestock Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase II


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