An SRTF Agriculture Project Successfully Concludes its Activities Benefiting Over 8,400 Farmers in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Wednesday, 16 August 2023 – The SRTF announced the successful closure of its Agriculture project, “Agriculture Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo” today.


Under this project, agricultural inputs and equipment were delivered to the IE, including three tractors, 10 motorcycles, IT equipment, 250 MT of potato seeds, 3 MT of onion seeds, 2,000 MT of fertilisers, 800 litres of fungicides, 1,000 litres of insecticides, 800 litres of herbicides, 15,500 hessian sacks and 200,000 polypropylene sacks. Additionally, civil works for rehabilitating an extension centre and a warehouse took place.


Such inputs and equipment enhanced the institutional capacity of the implementing entity (IE), enabling it to improve the services it provided to farmers. This in turn, yielded tangible results for farmers, including cost savings, preservation of the cultivated land, and reduced expenses on consumables while also ensuring stability and sustainability for farmers and their families.


This allowed for the harvest of 9,070 MT of potatoes through the cultivation of 208 HA of land, and 12,915 MT of onions through the cultivation of 214.5 HA by farmers throughout the harvest seasons, increasing the supply of their crops in local markets and making them affordable and more accessible to individuals living in surrounding communities, ensuring communities become self-sustained.


The overall aim of this project is to enable farmers to establish self-managed and economically viable farms with access to local markets through the provision of support, integrated supply, access and use of agricultural inputs and machinery, allowing for integrated crop production, improved crop storage and minimised post-harvest losses. Such outputs are maximised given the capacity building provided to the IE’s extension services teams under this project through the provision of the necessary training, expertise and resources. 


This project has directly benefited 8,492 farmers and 42,460 family members. indirectly, with a budget of around EUR 2.3 million (out of an original budget of EUR 2.45 million), over a period of 18 months including six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation, in nine different locations across Northern Aleppo.



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