The SRTF Releases 2022 Accomplishments

Amman – Sunday, 26 March 2023 -The SRTF is proud to announce its accomplishments in 2022, which include implementing 30 projects across Northeast (NES) and Northwest (NWS) Syria with a total budget of EUR 97.41 million.

In terms of disbursement, the SRTF disbursed a total of EUR 53.40 million during 2022, 50% higher than the previous year, with an impressive overhead below 10%.

In 2022, the Fund has successfully completed and closed 12 Recovery projects and Stabilisation interventions in the Food Security, Agriculture, Livelihoods, Water, and Health sectors with promising results.

The SRTF is grateful for extra funding received from Japan, the US, Denmark, and Germany in 2022, totaling EUR 20.5 million and increasing its total contributions to EUR 326.22 million. Moreover, the SRTF members decided to extend the Fund’s mission for another two years until the end of 2024.

In terms of beneficiaries, under the Recovery Programme, approximately 25,854 farmers benefited from agriculture projects; an estimated 235,606 Syrians benefited monthly from the SRTF food security projects; 118,614 patients received diagnostics services, of which 55,498 received medications services, 570 patients received orthopedic surgery services, 6,962 benefited from ambulance services, and 1,933 tests were conducted in COVID-19 laboratory. In addition, 725 borrowers received loans to expand and improve their businesses through the livelihood Revolving Credit Fund (RCF) project which has given hope for a better future.


Under the Stabilisation Programme, 114,775 individuals benefitted from agriculture interventions, 567,762 patients benefitted from health interventions, 30,000 individuals benefited from restored electricity services, 32,680 bread consumers benefited monthly, in addition to 6,895 bran distributors and 2,655 livestock breeders benefited from bran distribution activities under food security interventions. Additionally, 445,081 individuals benefited from WASH intervention. Under the livelihood Revolving Credit Fund, 95 borrowers benefited from renewal loans for their business improvement and /or expansion.

In addition, 37 cooperatives that were supported under different phases of the SRTF’s Agriculture Support to Wheat Farmers, reported harvesting around 18,320 hectares of irrigated land which resulted in over 70,000 MT of wheat harvested in targeted communities in two governorates in NES namely, Ar-Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor. The estimated market value for the wheat harvested this year came at 37 million USD.

The SRTF’s Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz conveyed his gratitude and sense of accomplishment regarding the SRTF's accomplishments within Syria, acknowledging the persistent dedication and tireless labor of the SRTF's personnel and collaborators, as well as the financial contributions from donors, which have aided in mitigating the hardship faced by Syrians. The Fund intends to extend its initiatives throughout 2023, with a greater emphasis on enhancing livelihood opportunities, promoting food security, bolstering agriculture, and fostering economic stability, thereby advancing its objective of cultivating sustainable communities across the Northeast and Northwest regions of Syria.



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