The SRTF Receives EUR 5.93 million in Contributions from Japan

Amman – Friday, 17 February 2023 – The SRTF is extremely pleased to announce a new contribution of EUR 5.93 million declared from Japan today. With this latest contribution, Japan’s total funds to the SRTF, since its establishment, amount to EUR 51.41 million which is a testament of trust and support.


This generous contribution is Japan’s seventh to the Fund and will be allocated to support the SRTF’s efforts inside Syria.


A spokesperson from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on this update saying: “Japan extends its deepest condolences to all those across Türkiye and Syria who have suffered the devastation of this earthquake. Survivors of the quake across much of northern Syria are losing hope and enduring freezing conditions. There is an imminent risk of further casualties due to secondary effects of the earthquake, including the collapse of houses and the spread of disease. There is no room for politics in this moment. We must put people at the centre of our humanitarian efforts.”


In a comment on the news, Director General of the SRTF, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, stated: “The SRTF is immensely grateful for the fresh funds we have received, which will go a long way in serving the much-needed efforts after the devastating earthquake. These funds will aid in our mission to help those affected by the earthquake rebuild their lives and communities. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Japan and its people for their unwavering support and commitment at such critical times."


With Japan’s latest contribution, the total contributions made by 12 donor countries to the SRTF to date, increase to EUR 332 million. Other SRTF donors include Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Türkiye and Jordan.



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