An SRTF Health Intervention Successfully Concludes its Services with Notable Impact in Northeast Syria

Northeast Syria – Monday, 9 January 2023 – The SRTF announced the successful conclusion of all activities and services under its Health intervention, “Establishing Three Prosthetics Centres in Northeast Syria”, today.


The intervention aimed to provide prosthetics to patients who have lost any of their limbs during the ongoing conflict, through the establishment of three fully equipped prosthetics centres and the recruitment of specialised staff to treat such vulnerable cases. The centres were also provided with the necessary consumables including prosthetic sets and filaments which are required for the production of prosthetics.


This has allowed the SRTF to contribute to meeting the high demand for such a crucial tool which has been in great shortage since the start of the conflict. The provision of prosthetics has reduced the economic burdens on patients and will in the long run enable individuals, especially children, to become more integrated within their communities and overcome their disabilities, thereby, improving their mental health as well.


While undergoing treatment, Juma, a current patient at one of the centers told the SRTF: I’ve been looking for a centre for seven months, and I finally found this. It is a great centre, the services and treatments provided here are excellent. I have been undergoing physiotherapy treatment here for around a month and a half and I am doing much better now. I will be receiving a prosthetic soon.” 


Another patient, Ghassan, shared his personal story: “I was injured during conflict and had a prosthetic implant, which later became worn out. I then heard about this centre and thank Goodness they welcomed me. I underwent numerous physiotherapy sessions and have recently had a new prosthetic implant which was successful. The staff here took great care of me, I really appreciate their hard work.”


With a budget of around EUR 238,000, this intervention benefited 189 patients out of the 531 patients who were registered, through the provision of 204 prosthetics, as some patients needed more than one prosthetic. This took place over the course of 12 months.



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