An SRTF Agriculture Project Receives Machinery and Equipment for Potatoes in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Tuesday, 22 November 2022 – The SRTF announced the delivery of agriculture machinery and equipment to facilitate the farming and harvesting of potatoes under its project “Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo”, today.


The delivery included four sets of potato digger machines, designed to harvest single and two rows of potatoes. Also, four sets of tractor-mounted sprayers with a capacity of 1,000 litres each, used for plant protection. Additionally, four sets of fertiliser and hoeing machines used for root filling, fertilising and hoeing gaps between lines of potatoes, while also breaking the duff layer and softening the hard soil as well as cutting and removing harmful herbs surrounding the harvest. Fourthly, four sets of potato leaf shredders used to mow the grass between the rows of potatoes to facilitate the harvesting process. Finally, two sets of stationery used for cleaning, sorting, grading and bagging potato tubers according to their size. These have been distributed to four farmers’ associations in four different locations.


This project aims to increase the production of better-quality potatoes, improve the cultivation practices and increase yield, create job opportunities for field workers and graduates in agronomy and agriculture mechanisation for each association. This will encourage farmers to return to potato production at a commercial scale and help them expand the cultivated areas to increase the availability of potatoes in local markets given that advisory services, training, and technical guidance are provided to farmers to enhance the overall process and improve production.


Zafer, a staff member working with the IE, shared his thoughts on this occasion: "These newly available machines are necessary for farmers, and will contribute to improving farming operations in general, given that they are unique and not available before in the local markets. We expect to serve a large segment of farmers and improve farming operations since the machinery is advanced reflecting positively on farmers and the population in the area as well.”


With a budget of EUR 1 million, this project is expected to directly benefit around 700 potato farmers and their 5,600 family members, over a period of 12 months including six months for post-delivery monitoring and evaluation. This will contribute to improving food security in the region, given that potatoes are the second most consumed food item after wheat in northern Syria.



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