An SRTF Health Intervention Receives Medical and Lab Consumables in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa – Tuesday, 25 October 2022 – The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) announces the delivery of medical and lab consumables to health facilities under its Health intervention: “Supporting Health Services in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase V” today.


The delivery consisted of various types of medical and lab consumables to one hospital and seven primary healthcare centres. The medical consumables included syringes, surgical gloves, x-ray films, antiseptic liquid, an infusion set and needles, while the lab consumables included pregnancy strip tests, blood group sets, an Amylase test pack, C-Reactive Protein testing kits, solutions for blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test and urine test strips. This will allow the facilities to serve all the essential needs of people in the area.


This phase of the project aims to procure medication and medical equipment following the establishment of an Intensive Care Unit ward for COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Ar-Raqqa. Additionally, healthcare services, health awareness sessions, various tests, malnutrition screening for children under five and pregnant and lactating women, infant and young child feeding consultations, counselling sessions and trainings to all relevant medical staff, are all provided at the primary healthcare centres.


This project has a budget of around EUR 1.87 million and is estimated to directly benefit 132,366 individuals. Indirectly it will benefit over 435,000 individuals (including host community and internally displaced people) in Ar-Raqqa, over a period of six months.



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Supporting Health Services in Ar-Raqqa Governorate – Phase V


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