An SRTF Food Security Project Concludes All Activities with Significant Impact

Türkiye – Tuesday, 19 July 2022 The SRTF is pleased to announce the successful completion of phase III of its multi-phased food security project, Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate”.The project was approved through the Fast Track method to safeguard food security improvements gained through prior SRTF-supported food security projects; to stabilise or improve flour quality and availability for bread producers, thereby reducing costs for bread consumers. Additionally, the project aimed to construct a shed for one mobile mill that was provided under a previous phase.


The project successfully delivered over 25,150 mt of wheat, of which 15,000.00 mt of soft wheat were supplied by the SRTF. The supplied wheat was milled at three SRTF-supplied flour mills and produce 20,458.15 mt of flour.


Noteworthy, the project was able to directly reach an average of 206,647 beneficiaries on a monthly basis. Moreover, at its peak month, the project surpassed its target by 190%, supplying 145 bakeries with flour instead of the originally planned 50 bakeries upon completion.


Additionally, the project had a direct impact on reducing bread prices, the time spent on traveling and waiting in long queues, created job opportunities, increased local bakery workers’ proficiency and experience, and encouraged farmers to grow wheat as their crops were purchased at reasonable prices. That all in addition to producing high-quality bread.


The SRTF’s Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, commended the results saying: “The SRTF multi-phased food security projects continue to impact the local economy on many levels by securing good-quality bread at affordable prices. We have managed to maintain the price of 1200 g bread bundle at 2 TL at the SRTF-supplied bakeries despite the sharp increase in price of wheat and fuel, etc.”


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Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate Phase III


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