The SRTF- Supported Farmers Reap an Abundant Potato Harvest in Aleppo this Season

Türkiye – Thursday, 7 July 2022 - The SRTF is proud to announce an abundant potato harvest season this year under its agriculture project: “Agricultural Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo”.


The SRTF-supported farmers were able to increase their cultivated lands under this project by 2,085 dunums as a result of the availability of high-quality potato tubers provided by the SRTF. The results came remarkably promising with 10,000-11,000 MT of potato harvest - with a noted increase in potato production per hectare estimated at 50 MT. This reflected positively on local markets securing the availability of potatoes at affordable prices.


Other types of support provided under this project include agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides and safe storage and handling of crops inputs. Moreover, staff salaries and training for enhancing IE internal capacity in terms of bookkeeping, filing, and other managerial and financial related services were delivered. 


In an interview with a beneficiary farmer on this occasion, Dia’a said: “I received potato tubers from the SRTF, thank God. These tubers were of excellent quality and their production astonishingly exceeded 40 MT per hectare. The tubers, agricultural machinery and equipment we received from the Fund helped reduce a lot of the production costs. We thank the SRTF for their support and hope to continue to receive assistance in the future.”


The DG released a statement on this occasion congratulating the farmers on such great results; “We would like to congratulate the farmers on their encouraging harvest results. Their relentless hard work and determination will contribute to boosting the local economy and food security in the region.”


The support to the potato farmers is part of a EUR 2.4 million SRTF Agriculture project. The project promotes food security by supporting 1,500 self-managed, economically viable crop farms that have access to local markets, suppliers, and relevant business service providers. Around 7,500 households will directly benefit from improved access to agricultural inputs from the project while indirectly, around 37,500 beneficiaries will benefit from the project.


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