An SRTF Workshop on Rehabilitation and Restoration of Potable Water Supply Networks in Aleppo Countryside held in Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep – Sunday, 27 February 2015 – A two-day SRTF workshop on Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside ended here today. The workshop organized and hosted by the SRTF Management Unit (MU) aimed to enhance local capacities in design and data collection for rural water projects in Syria.

The workshop was attended by a large number of staff of project implementation identities (IEs), water directorates, suppliers as well as MU field officers and staff. 


At present, most of the information and data related to infrastructure and facilities of the water sector are kept in a centralized system of the Syrian regime in Damascus. The newly formed water directorates have no links with or access to the centralized regime system.  


The workshop focused on improving the capacity of participants in formulating project proposals relying on accurate collection and tabulation of the necessary data and appropriate identification of needs and problems to be addressed by the proposed project.

As one of a series of local capacity building workshops organized by the MU in various sectors, the workshop trained participants on using a holistic assessment approach and advanced design criteria in preparing well articulated project concept notes (PCNs) and project concept proposals (PCPs).


The training topics covered by the workshop included design criteria for water projects; water quality and standards; deep wells’ productivity, casing and requirements; sizing of pumps, SP pumps and boosting pumps; disinfection and chlorination; network design and piping; storage tanks and direct discharge; operational systems and supportive administrative works; maintenance and stock warehousing.




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