The SRTF Launches Phase II of its Health Project in Northern Aleppo Countryside

Amman – Wednesday, 15 December 2021- The SRTF announced the approval of phase two of its health project: "Supporting Health Services in the North Aleppo Countryside" which was processed through the “fast track” approval process today. The project builds on the outcomes of previous health efforts implemented by the SRTF with the aim to enhance the access to healthcare services through improving the ambulance network system, and to continue the medical services and operations of one targeted health center to meet the demand for improved health services in Northern Aleppo countryside. 


The main objective of the second phase is to provide a comprehensive ambulance response network including spare parts for two new ambulances joining the already existing 10 ambulances  to serve around seven health facilities in Northern Aleppo.


The redistribution of the twelve ambulances will be based on the catchment area and will link the health facilities with ambulance staff and systems. Additionally, the project will continue to support one health center that was improved under an ongoing SRTF project which allowed it to cater for 3,800 patients at the present time.


Moreover, phase II will enhance existing healthcare programmes to include - child health, reproductive health, communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, nutrition and mental health & psychosocial support.


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Supporting Health Services in the Northern Aleppo Countryside – Phase II


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