The Management Unit of SٌRTF Announces Completion of Civil Works at a Hospital in the Governorate of Aleppo

Gaziantep – Tuesday, 27 January 2015 - The Management Unit (MU) of the Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) today announced the completion of civil works at a hospital of a city in the Governorate of Aleppo. As part of an SRTF project to support the recovery of health services provided by the hospital, the civil works included restoration and rehabilitation of the hospital buildings and facilities. The works also included installation of an electrical network, preparatory works for installation of an oxygen generation system and foundational layout for equipment of the hospital’s obstetrical, gynecological and maternal services.


The population of this selected city and adjacent areas suffer the lack of OB/GYN, pediatric, maternal, neonatal, and intensive care services because many large public hospitals in Aleppo Governorate, including the aforementioned, that once provided these services have been destroyed or have ceased operations. With the help of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), other health care facilities have been established since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis; but such facilities focus on trauma and emergency medical services. The SRTF project will fill a critical gap and satisfy a large pressing health service need of the local communities.


SRTF-MU Director General, Hani Khabbaz, hailed the new development as an important milestone of the project, which started in September 2014. He said “the hospital is now ready for fittings, medical equipment’s and furnishings necessary to render it operational and prepared to resume its services to the general public.”


The next stage of the project includes procurement and installation of equipment for the establishment of two gynecology operation rooms, two obstetrics rooms, an infant incubators’ ward, a two-bed adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and a two-bed Pediatric ICU. It also includes procurement and supply of essential medications, furniture, communication equipment and other office equipment. An infant incubators ward with five incubators will also be established and fully equipped and supplied with essential accessories and medications.


An estimated 150,000 people in the selected city and adjacent area will benefit from the successful completion of this project in August 2015. In particular, the population will benefit from access to maternity, pediatric, and neonatal incubation services as well as a significant improvement of living standards due to availability of such vital health services.



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