The SRTF Delivers Agricultural Chemicals and Safety Tools for its Agriculture Project in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye’ – Sunday, September 26,  2021 – The SRTF’s agriculture project, “Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Crops in Aleppo - Phase I”, received a delivery of agricultural chemicals and safety tools which was delivered to the implementing entity (IE) in Northern Aleppo today.

The delivery consisted of 100 KG of agro-chemicals pesticide for seed fumigation and to fumigate the cold rooms after each storing shift; 50 ltr. of pesticide deltamethrin 2.5% EC to control storge insects inside the cold storage rooms before each storing shift; a set of 10 storage cleaning equipment for general cleaning and maintenance and three units of fire extinguishers /wheeled 25 kg to be used for the safety of the cold storage facilities.

With a total budget of EUR 1 million, this project aims to improve the livelihoods of 3,000 potato farmers in Northern Aleppo by rehabilitating a building with 10 cold storage rooms and supplying the necessary equipment, such as the forklifts, to ensure the sustainability of perishable vegetables. The project will indirectly benefit around 15,000 agricultural workers and around 500 people will benefit from trading activities at the cold storage facilities.


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Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Crops in Northern Aleppo - Phase I


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