The SRTF Reconfirms its Commitment to the WASH Sector

Amman – Tuesday, August 31, 2021 – The SRTF’s commitment to improving access to safe and reliable water sources in Syria is seen through its past and present interventions. To date, the SRTF have implemented ten WASH projects that benefited over 545,000 Syrians in 63 communities in different parts of Syria, for a total budget of around EUR 16 million.  These interventions address a myriad of critical water and sanitation-related issues through the rehabilitation of water pump stations, water distribution networks, supplying household water tanks, household water purification units, rehabilitation of irrigation canals, and drip irrigation systems for home gardens.


Most recently, the SRTF successfully completed two interventions in NE of Syria, one in Deir Ez-Zor that rehabilitated a water pumping station in a rural community. This intervention benefited an estimated 27,500 individuals who now have improved access to safe and reliable water. The rehabilitation of the water pump station increased the target population’s access to a sustainable water supply and ultimately decreased the reliance on purchasing water from private tankers, which were economically burdening. The other intervention is a multi-sector intervention in Raqqa that included the rehabilitation of five water pumping stations that provided 24,000 households access to safe drinking water, additionally, around 16,400 farmers benefited from cleaning of irrigation canals in four communities under the same intervention.


The SRTF continues to support WASH activities through the implementation of ongoing interventions. Currently, two interventions are focused on the rehabilitation of several water pumping stations in Ar-Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zor, of which rehabilitation works have begun for the latter. This intervention aims to secure water supply to higher elevations, irrigation channels, and storage facilities, while also providing sufficient flow rates for daily use and emergencies. Around 68,600 beneficiaries are expected to positively benefit from the activities of this intervention. Additionally, the SRTF is started the first phase of rrehabilitation of water and sanitation infrastructure in a district in northern Aleppo, under this phase the water supply networks will be rehabilitated and extended in order to improve access to drinking water for a population of more than 75,000 residents.


In a comment made by the SRTF’s Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, he noted, “Improving access to safe and reliable water is a key component of the SRTF’s mandate. The Fund is committed to prioritizing projects and activities related to critical WASH issues that address the growing needs of the Syrian people.”



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