Signing Two Financial Agreements, the SRTF Provides Euro 11.4 Million to Help Tackle Food Insecurity in Syria

Gaziantep – 9 January 2015 – The SRTF and the Syrian Public Establishment for Grain (SPEG) today signed two financing agreements to fund the SRTF project of Enhancing Food Security through support to the National Wheat Programme and Procurement of Hessian Sacks for Wheat Crop (2015) Storage. The agreement was signed in Gaziantep by the Director-General of the SRTF, Hani Khabbaz, and a representative of the SPEG.


The signing ceremony was attended by the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) represented by Abrahim Miro, Minister of Finance and Economy. The Minister commended the SRTF effort to meet the needs of the Syrian people, through the use of the fast track approval process for rapid approval of food security projects. He underlined the importance of food security as a pressing national priority for SIG and highly praised the special attention that the SRTF is giving to such projects that deal with this challenge.


The first project, worth a total of approximately Euro 6.15 million, will help SPEG, inter alia, procure 12.5 million tons of wheat, arrange for storage facilities, ensure mixing locally harvested wheat with imported wheat for local consumption, arrange for milling, processing, packaging and distribution of wheat flour to needy communities and public bakeries.


The second project, worth about Euro 5.29 million will help SPEG collect data on wheat production and warehousing capabilities. It will also help identify global suppliers of Hessian sacks and their distribution to some 30,000 local farmers based on priority areas identified.



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